A free, open-source financial model for solar, wind, and other renewable energy projects.

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What is Abacus?

Abacus is a free professional and bankable Excel financial model, built to unlock project finance investments in renewable energy sources.

Ready To Present

With pre-built summary charts, tables, and quarterly/annual financial statements, Abacus provides templates for all information required for investor and lender presentations.

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Error Checks

Built-In Error Checking

Over a dozen error checks are built directly into Abacus, helping analysts immediately identify and resolve problematic calculations, and establishing confidence that projections are calculated correctly.

Effective, Easy to Understand VBA Macros

Abacus includes simple, yet effective VBA macros for sculpting debt to a target coverage ratio, and for maximizing leverage within the constraints of financial covenants. Sculpting debt service and maximizing leverage at a monthly level maximize project IRRs. These macros can be adjusted, as necessary, to account for additional covenants or criteria.

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